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[IP] re: night basals/snacking


are you dropping your basals between midnight and 3/4 am?

this is when geneva all of a sudden does NOT need insulin!   she goes from
1.2 (tonights test)  to 0.2 from 11 pm to 12 midnight.

I am going to not correct tonight.  I am going to sit tight and just see
what happens if we leave things alone.  we raised the 8-12 pm basal from 1.0
to 1.2 and this might work.  we have a  new site as of yesterday  which
should help with consistency.  (we noticed that if she was close to a three
day site change that her numbers would go up anyway)

good luck tonight and I hope things are brighter on this end tomorrow am!!!

ruth and geneva
age 10 and pumping since june of this year

> >  Food was a prob for me with nights, I think. Early this week I would
> go up to 350 after eating late at night. Then I stopped once and it
> went only to 250. Ate the next night or two b/c of lows, and now I
> haven't for the past two nights, which is when I keep hitting 40 or
> lower at least once, and with about a 65 all between 3 and 8 am. So i
> cut out eating, and I will be honest, it is ROUGH not eating after
> dinner.

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