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[IP] Re: where to clip a pump

OK girls, here's another idea. I'm a little behind in my e-mail, so
someone may have already listed this suggestion.   If "Elvis" doesn't
work on a bra, clip him using the belt clip to bikini underwear.  It's
narrow enough at the side to slide the clip all the way through and have
the pump hang to the outside.  It keeps the tubing inside your garments
unless its a very mini-skirt, and I've never had it slip from there. 
I've also used the front of the bra (be careful, it can lead to some
embarrasing situations if it's front fastening!) and on the bra under my
arm.  (a little sweaty, but works in a pinch!)
I'm excited.  I just got through the first several chapters of "Pumping
Insulin" day before yesterday and today my sugars have not been over 160!
 YIPEE.  Now I just want to know why in the world anyone turned me loose
with a pump with no more training than how to push the buttons.  Good
IDDM 19 years
pumping 18 months

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