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[IP] Re: Any Teachers Out There?

I am a former teacher who also went from middle school to first and
second grade (talk about culture shock!).  My older kids were quite good
at helping out and detecting, but my younger kids were even better. 
Maybe because they did not worry about tact, or how their comments would
be reflected in their grades :).  My first day of first grade, I was
explaining to them that I had a disease called diabetes and that
sometimes I had too much sugar in my blood and it made me feel tired and
weak.  Sometimes I did not have enough and that might make me act funny;
it could make me crabby, or it could make me silly.  While I was in the
process of explaining this, one little darling raised her hand and asked
me if I would please take too much medicine right then, because she would
really like to see her teacher act silly!  
They handled things very well, and like I said, they became quite good at
helping me identify the swings.  
Good luck, I hope you have a terrific year.
IDDM 19 years
pumping 18 months

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