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[IP] Here's a Guy who needs a Diabetes Lesson

The other day I arrived at work and on my desk was a newspaper article
clipped out for me to read. The article was clipped form the Welland
Tribune. A Welland, Ontario, Canada local newspaper. It was written by a Dr.
Gifford Jones M.D. It's intent was to explain to people the 'evils' of
sugar, and it's many disguises. However I came across this paragraph that I
will retype for all of you:

"We know that five percent of North Americans are diabetic. And 90 percent
of diabetics are obese. The condition should be called "lifestyle diabetes".
50 years ago only 10 percent of diabetics were obese!!!(these are his
exclamation marks) Something has happened and it's obviously not good."

THIS IS A DOCTOR!!!!!!!! Does he care to explain to a 2 year old child newly
diagnosed, that they got diabetes as a result of their 'lifestyle'???? I
weigh 115 pounds, soaking wet. This is a M.D. with the ability to educate
the public and here he is, giving all the ignorant more fuel for questions
like, "Why do you  have diabetes, you are so skinny?" and "Did you eat lots
of sugar when you were little?"

This is just another example of why I think the two types of diabetes should
be named unique. I have yet to compile a letter to this newspaper, I am
hoping for some suggestions and some back-up.

Furious again......Wendy

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