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Re: [IP] one more request for night time basals

In a message dated 8/28/99 1:25:38 AM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

<< this is a plea for all parents of 10 yr. olds who weigh about 85 lbs and
 whose child is on about 25 basal units/day.
 can you tell me what your child is using for a night time basal?
 8 pm until  12 midnight

Stephen is 12 years old and weighs 100 lb.  His nighttimes seem to finally be 
settled down.  His basals are 0.7 from 2pm until midnight, 0.4 from midnight 
to 3am, 0.5 from 3 am to 10 am, 0.4 from 10 am to 2pm.  His daytimes are 
still high around lunchtime, so I know I still need some fine tuning, but in 
general, his swings are much less severe than when he was on MDI.  School 
starts Wed. so I think I'll wait to fine tune until then!
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