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Re: [IP] Quandaries for teachers

Michael wrote:
> The last thing in the world you want to do is send someone that's low
> off by themselves so they can crash where there is no assistance or
> wander off not knowing where they are or what's going on. I have
> adult friends with diabetes that occasionally get caught in that
> revolving door.

So how would you deal with the quandary I mentioned in the first place?
How do you allow a diabetic kid to meet their needs if they aren't
willing to be upfront about discussing it with the class? (This is a
real situation that occurred last year) I don't have the option of
disobeying school rules, and it's VERY hard to deal with kids who think
they're being treated unfairly because they don't know WHY this kid gets
to flout the rules and they don't!
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