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[IP] re: night basals/snacking

 Food was a prob for me with nights, I think. Early this week I would
go up to 350 after eating late at night. Then I stopped once and it
went only to 250. Ate the next night or two b/c of lows, and now I
haven't for the past two nights, which is when I keep hitting 40 or
lower at least once, and with about a 65 all between 3 and 8 am. So i
cut out eating, and I will be honest, it is ROUGH not eating after
dinner. I got the pump, adn my mom moved dinner FORWARD, so I eat
dinner between 5 adn 5:30 then nothing till lunch the next day...not
eating breakfast in the summer since I sleep in so long. And I'll tell
you I could hardly see by lunch today adn my bg was only 63. My first 2
weeks  on teh pump I was told NO snacks, so I didn't but I always went
to bed hungry...then I lost weight and they told me to snack, and only
recently stopped b/c it's hurting my bg, and I learned I can eat
nothing or as much as I want late at night (between 10-12) and it does
NOT fill me up, I always go to bed hungry, so I'm back to calorie free
Diet soda which does NOT cause my am highs..of course, now I'm fighting
off lows! But I decreased the basal again tonight (.2 this time) and
maybe i"m getting back to precamp doses. --that or my hormones are gone
for a little while, I'm a lot less moody the past few days than I had
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