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Re: [IP] Quandaries for teachers

When I went to high school, that wasn't an administrative rule, but some
teachers allowed food and some didn't.  Those who didn't told me from the
beginning to go to the restroom if I needed to treat a low...or simply step
out into the hallway.  That way the other kids need not know what's going
on, it just appears that the diabetic kid needs to go to the bathroom.


>One little addendum: I teach high school, and the kids are simply NOT
>allowed to have gum, candy or pop in the classroom. If a diabetic
>student were having a hypo, and started to consume something to treat it
>in front of the other kids, and they didn't know why he was doing it,
>holy hell would erupt in terms of "Why does HE get to eat candy and WE
>don't???" etc.
>Then what do I do?? If I tell them he's diabetic and treating a low, I'm
>violating confidentiality. If I DON'T tell them, then I haven't a leg to
>stand on as far as enforcing the no food in the classroom rule.  Which,
>by the way, is an administrative rule, not a rule I set up myself.
>What would you do???

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