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re:[IP] one more request for night time basals

> Ruth,
> Alex is 10 and weighs about 88lbs.  His basals are as follows:
> midnight - noon = .5
> noon - 7pm      = .3
> 7pm - midnight = .6 (although we may be increasing to .7 soon)
> Also, were told that basal changes should be 2 hours before to allow
> for Humalog lag time.  (ie high at midnight change basal starting at
> 10pm)
The physiological delay for humalog in a math model of actions times 
is 1 hour and regular is 2. The humalog peaks in 2 hours but is 
active in the system withing 1 hour. Basal adjustments made using a 1 
hour delay should produce much smoother results in bg values.

To put it another way, if Regular were the insulin being used and the 
same rules apply, it would be like saying change the basal 4 hours 
before you want to see results... I don't think so...

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