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[IP] Re: school and D

> My friends did, my teachers did through my telling them... if you pretend its
> not a problem, it won't be!
> Just my $0.02 on the subject,
> Susan

I think many of the later posters to this thread are missing susan's point.  You don't keep it a secret, you keep it out in the open.  It is NOT a problem, don't pretend it's not a problem because it's not.  It's just something that needs to be taken care of.  Red lights are not problems, as long as you stop for them.  Dm is not a problem, as long as you (and your companions) are prepared.  If you test in the
open, it will become known that a low is countered with glucose, etc., etc.

I have never hid my dm, as I am not ashamed.  I've also never worried what my compatriots would think, but I have tried to inform them.  And I've also never tried to be apologetic and begging for permission from higher ups.  All I do is 'take care of business'.
Jack Granowski, dm 33 years, D 6 years.
email @ redacted
Those are my principles, and if you don't like them... well, I have  others.
 - Groucho Marx

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