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[IP] Ruth basals

thanks all for your basals  (AGAIN !)

so far I have these basals:

12 am - 4:30 am     .2
 (this is absolutely right as she stays even with whatever number she is at
midnight for a few hours on this basal)

4:30 am - 10:30  am    .5
(this seems to be OK)

10:30am- 2:30 pm    .2
(gets low during this time...

2:30 pm - 8:30 pm   .5
(this is OK)

8:30 pm - 12 am      1.1  last night

10 pm   151
12 am    226
3 am      229
8:30 am  194  (too tired to check in between)

this time I did NOT mess with any corrections as I think Leanne mentioned.
maybe this is the problem...I get nervous and correct and then she plummets
after midnight because this is her least basal amount.

but look...she jumped 75 points between 10 and midnight!  I think she went
to 'sleep' around 11 pm.

I am going to try using the 'basal estimator' on the IP website just to see
what the mathematicians come up with!

still working and frustrated....but I will not give up!

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