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Re: [IP] diabetic/PWD and different perspectives (was John Walsh)

In a message dated 8/26/99 9:27:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< One other thought on this. . . is there maybe some difference of thought
 btwn. people with D and parents of people with D?  Obviously it won't be
 an even split, but I wonder if that's part of it.  I think I'd tend to
 be more protective of my child, making an effort not to define him/her
 as a diabetic but as a full-fledged, multifaceted person >>

You know Jen you might have a point here.  Part of my attitude on the subject 
definitely stems from my parents and the way my mother approached diabetes in 
my life.  Never afraid to tell anyone about it but certainly not allowing 
anyone to think that they should feel sorry for me or that my life is less 
then it could be.  I had a friend diagnosed about 6 months before me and her 
mom was very different.  It was practically a pity party.  This was still 
when there was urine testing but bg was right around the corner.  When meters 
were available she wouldn't get one.  Said she was fine the way she was.  Has 
never kept up with current times and suffers from complications.  And that is 
only 18 years after diagnosis.  So even with us both being teenagers it also 
mattered the approach our parents had.  My mother never wanted anyone to 
think that diabetes made me less than I could be.  I even had a doctor 
diabetic himself who instilled it in me.  He was the first one to put me on a 
pump in 1985.  He himself was on one and he felt that if you got it 
stabilized and could get non diabetic A1C's then you can and should look at 
all food choices equally and how they affect you.  I definitely the attitudes 
of those around us certainly shape our outlook.  Whether we are adults with D 
or adults with children with D.

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