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[IP] school and D -- longer ;)

I agree with much of what you had to say.  My son keeps his meter on him and 
his life savers etc...on him.  He tests at his desk , right where he is.  It 
takes all of 45 seconds, no big deal.  I also tell the school that this is 
how it is and I bring the ped endos orders for same on County forms to the 
school.  We haven't had a problem.  Last week the new RN nurse at school told 
me if Z has a reaction she wants him to come to her office.  I told her that 
wasn't going to happen .  If he could handle a mild low, he would treat it 
and continue on with his studies.  I told her he would only come to her 
office if he didn't feel well and felt he needed her.  She swallowed, took a 
breath, and said OK.  

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