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[IP] RE: School and D


I am sorry that I misunderstood your post the first time.  As I agree
that students should be allowed to test whenever/wherever and I also
believe in the tell don't ask theory.  But all appropriate personnel and
friends of my son's are notified how to deal with a low situation.  He
does not hide his D from anyone and wears his bright blue pump proudly

mother of Alex(10) pumping 3 1/2 weeks

Susan said:

I also never said that teachers would not be informed.  In the above
scenario, not only would my teacher have known what to do, but all
my friends did too.  My point was and still is that if you ASK the
"authorities," "may my child do this, or may my child do that?"  You
are up for a fight that is unnecessary.  Why ASK the principal,
the school board, the superintendent?  Don't tell the authorities.
Just do it.

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