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Re: [IP] school and D

I had always assumed that as Andrea entered Junior high (and now high school 
- YIKES) that I wouldn't have to go in and talk to nurses, teachers etc.   
However, as she gets older I find that the rules and regulations get stricter 
and stricter.  Also, problems during tests have a bigger and bigger effect on 
a kid's grade point average, etc. Having these meetings gives Andrea the 
chance to know her rights and to let the school officials know that she will 
stand up for them.  She has learned how to deal with "authority figures" and 
I've actually been quiet (almost) during the meetings the last year or so.  
She does the talking.  

Also -- and the school nurse told me this one -- she said she wanted every 
teacher in the high school to understand about the pump as a couple teachers 
will simply go up to a student and "rip off" - her words - a pager when they 
see one.  Don't want a pump mistaken for a pager/cell phone ---- So - beware.

Liz B. 
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