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[IP] Lancets at school/ MiniMed glucose sensor

The counselor at my son's school told him he could test when and where he 
needs to; eg, in the classroom.  Josh goes to Seneca High School in 
Louisville, KY.  They have been great in accommodating his needs.
Josh is going for pre-pump training Thursday.  the home infusion company 
called yesterday and told me they had submitted the paperwork for his pump to 
the insurance company.  My son had chosen the D pump.  The trainer from his 
endo's office called to let me know the MM glucose sensor has been approved 
and wanted to make sure we were aware of that.  The sensor is only going to 
be available at doctor's offices now, correct?  Would my son be able to use 
it (since it is only for 3 days) if he does not get a MM?  Just wondering.  I 
want him to have the advantage of any and all technology available, but home 
use of this sensor is still in the future and I don't want him to choose a 
pump he will wear 24/7 based on something that may or may not be available 
beofre he needs a new pump.
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