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[IP] Amusement Park Pumping

Hi Joanne - About the only amusement park I get to anymore is Disneyland in 
Anaheim, CA. I haven't been there since going on the pump(started pumping in 
February), but when I was injecting, I would take my supplies (insulin, 
syringes) to the first aid station and they would gladly keep them 
refrigerated for me.  The restaurant we usually eat at is right near the 
first aid station so it is easy to pop in and either pickup my gear, or just 
inject right there in one of the examination rooms.  

Sounds like Linda has a great setup in that fanny pack of hers, and lowering 
the basals 30% sounds good to me, too, I'll have to try that next time. Being 
that I have a tendency to run low with all the walking, along with the 
glucose tabs, I  usually cram a couple of zip-loc bags of trail mix in my 
F/P, plus a Balance or Power Bar.  I seem to really burn the calories. Now 
that I'm pumping, I would probably stash some insulin and a couple of set 
changes at the first aid station at the Park.  If somewhere else, I'd have it 
in a cooler in the car like Linda. 

Have a great time, and if you go to a place with a great roller coaster - 
ride it once for me - hands over the head on the first big dip - screaming 
your lungs out!  

Hugs, Joanne Mc
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