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[IP] frustrated with basals

this is really getting old...

I just cannot get geneva's night time levels at all!

every night it is different..first we are ok   then all of a sudden she is
high as a kite.  I correct and then she is LOW  midnight to two am.

she keeps asking me...when can she spend the night at a friend's.  I can't
let her go until we can at least get her within a reasonable range between 8
pm and mid morning.

i know that she eats alot between 4 pm and bedtime.  this is her grazing
period.  wish we could set a grazing basal!

I look back over her logs and see chaos.  absolutely NO pattern whatsoever.

and to top things off...when we are just about close to getting it...her
"third day on pump and site getting OLD"   pattern kicks in and she needs
more insulin anyway.  there is just no set pattern at night.



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