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Re: [IP] Holly:insurance denial

I started pumping over 6 years ago and had no problem with my insurance 
company at the time---it was actually my parents' plan.  I have had 3 
different insurances since then and have had no problem with coverage---the 
last one all i needed was a prescription for a "lifetime supply" of pump 
supplies.  My first plan was through my employer and I thought that it would 
be tougher when I wanted to quit work to stay home with my babies, but we 
went with my husband's employer's plan after that and now my husband is in 
business for himself and we have had no problems with this plan---of course, 
it was hand selected by my husband (with lots of guidance from me) for our 
family and his employees, but it is a small business, so we couldn't go with 
the most expensive thing out there (premiums)---the attitude that I have 
found is "who ISN"T pumping?"--much better than just a few years ago!!!
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