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[IP] Holly:insurance denial

We won on the deadline of our appeal (30 days).  But well before that we 
decided either way we would use the pump, somehow.  I wanted coverage to be 
approved because of the enormous expense, but even more because I wanted it 
to be covered for her sake - growing up with pump coverage somehow gives me a 
more secure feeling that coverage will continue even should she change 
insurance plans later - because it would be pre-existing.  I've been told 
that continuance is very likely from one plan to another.  But, I was 
descouraged, assumed they'd deny it again, and was determined to appeal to 
higher sources as long as it took - even if it meant going to the media, or a 
lawyer!  Hopefully, like us, your appeal will work the first time around.  My 
thoughts and prayers are with you all the way.  Please keep us posted!  Holly
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