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Re: [IP] re: Any teachers out there?

My daughter is a middle school teacher and knows what the 504 program/plan
is..if she has a child with diabetes who needs to go to the bathroom they
leave the room and just go.
If they need to test they can test..if they need some insulin they have to
go to office and give themselves an injection (school policy not hers) if
they need to eat they eat in her classroom. The librarian of the school as
diabetes also so he set up a neat little area for any child who just wants
to test...he tests with them and if the child is ok the child goes on with
thier schedule.
I know many children with diabetes have a difficult time with thier schools
but I am really thankful my daughter treats the children with diabetes she
has in her class as if they are another child (ie she treats them without
bringing attention to them and that diabetes is a "nromal" part of thier
lives but she is also aware and watchful for thier needs). She doesn't make
any big deal out of them going to the bathroom etc. She realizes they may
have to use the bathroom more often so they are never told to wait.
So far from what I have been reading on here the school she is at seems to
have things pretty together as far as I can see and from what my daughter
knows and tells me.
She tells me all of her 70 "kids" she considers as her own and cares for
them and would be thier best advocate IF there was a problem. As she says
"Mom, life goes on."
I am so proud of her! and her loving the "kids" and her being educated
about diabetes.
And I am happy to see her school take a positive approach towards children
with diabetes.

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