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[IP] Re MM's H2O proof case

Todd, et al

I have purchased two Sport Guards from MM.  I never had a problem with 
leaking with the first, however, if I recall correctly, they only warrenty 
damage to your pump for a year after the sport guard is purchased.  So, even 
though it was not used much, I bought a second about a year ago.  After 
spending the whole day in the water at a waterpark in July, I noticed fog and 
a few drops of water inside the case.  I called MM.  They had me check the 
battery case for moisture (dry) and had me run through a 7.2 check.  All was 
fine.  However the tech mentioned without my asking that they would replace 
my pump if it did die because of this, and told me to be on the watch for the 
onset of alarms (I think "no delivery").  She did tell me that despite the 
implication inside the box the pump come in that you eventually need to use 
vasoline around the ?rubber top, they actually want you to do this from the 
beginning, each and every time, to help form a water-tight seal.

Oh, and they Fed-Ex'd a new sport guard to me overnight (in fact she kind of 
insisted on it since I was on vacation and might "need it" unexpectedly).

Cheers   Linda
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