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[IP] amusement park pumping


Hi.  Haven't run into you in the Chats for awhile.  I have a deal with my 
kids...they don't get to ride the "look like they're going to fall apart at 
any moment" rides at the little town fairs (or whine about it) and I take 
them to a decent amusement park once a year (sometimes they luck out and get 
to go twice).  Since my inlaws live close to WDW and Busch Gardens in FL and 
my sister is 20 minutes from Busch Gardens in VA, they do OK.   Haven't been 
there for years, but a best friend lives near Kings Island in Ohio, my 
brother just moved near Cedar Point, and , if we ever get there, we live 
about 3 hours from two different 6 Flaggs. 

More to the point, I get to go too!  Pump and all.  I usually lower my basals 
because if it's summer, the heat really lowers them and if it's cooler, no 
lines and we really move around fast.  I lower about 30 percent, and figure 
on bolusing about that much less for carbs too.   I take a small meter and 
check periodically,  Fanny pack carries syringe (for emergency break downs), 
meter, glucose, (it would be the pits to get close to the front of a long hot 
line and realize you have to leave it for a food stand.) money, etc.  I leave 
a bottle of insulin and a set change in a cooler in the car for "more 
extensive" emergencies.

You'll have a ball.  Despite a definite dislike of heights, I really like the 
roller coasters, upside down and all.  Have a good time.

Cheers  Linda
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