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RE: [IP] school and D--long

Everyone has good points.  The thing I would like to suggest is that as
the children get older they need to learn how to deal with problems
without the "cushion" of the "authorities" knowing.  As adults we all
find ourselves in situations where surrounded by unknowing strangers we
have to deal with problems--either highs or worse lows.  I feel it is a
good thing for the children to learn coping styles for such situations,
because occassionally the people in these situations can make things
worse if the individual with diabetes isn't self-confident and

This advice goes for medical personnel too.  Just a reminder that when
dealing with an unknown to remember you probably know more than they
do.  I had an experience after surgery (pre-pumping) where a nurse
injected me with more regular insulin than my day total combined dose
(for a bg in the 300s).  I questioned her but was still groggy from
anesthetic and she refused to call the doctor to confirm the order.  I
went to 17 in less than a half hour, and the nurses wouldn't respond to
my call button.  My parents came in as I was crawling over the foot of
the bed to get to the hall before I passed out.  To be honest I just
about died.

Unfortunately the children may be faced with such difficulties, so its
best to prepare them as you feel best.

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