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[IP] school and D

Just one quick note... about school and D - I never talked to
principals/nurses/higher ups about it past 5th grade.  At least not in depth
like everyone is talking about.  I tend to prefer the "pretend you know what
you are doing" method.  I.e. yank it out in class, seated at your desk and
test yourself!  Shoot up in class if need (prepump days)!  When someone
complains, which is rare, then follow up with these forms and meetings...  I
never once was NOT allowed to carry supplies/test myself in class/take
insulin in class.  No, the school nurse did NOT know about my condition.  My
friends did, my teachers did through my telling them... if you pretend its
not a problem, it won't be!

Just my $0.02 on the subject,

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