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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #424

Dear Sammi,
Tell them what you need to with a sense of humor!  Katie's had diabetes
since she was 6, so I think I know how they'll respond.  I think those
kids will think it's so cool that their teacher is so special!  You can
tell them that sometimes you may act silly which means you might need a
snack and the only way for you to know for sure is to poke your finger to
check your blood on your meter.  Oooooooo, blood!  Cool!  We even explain
to Katie's friends that her pump is simply a way for her to have her
insulin all the time without shots.  Wow!  Shots!  Those little kids will
think you are so brave!  Have a great time...little kids are awsome!
God Bless,
Mom of Katie, 8, dx'd 9/97, pumping since 8/2/99

The thing I'm worried about is, it's 
> looking
> like I'll be doing a complete change this year, & teaching music K-4
> instead!!  Now, the switching grade levels part, I'm a little 
> excited about
> (it was time for a change, I think)- but I don't know the best route 
> as far
> as handling "diabetic issues" (for lack of a better term), such as 
> the need
> to test or possible reactions, where smaller children are concerned. 
>  Anyone
> out there have any good advice to offer?
> Thanks!
> Sammi
> (honeymooning with her H-TRONplus, & desperately in love with it!!!  
> :)  )
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