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[IP] Pumping during surgery??? - Thanks and Info

First I would like to thank Rosalind and Michael for responding to my plea
for information on being able to keep my pump during my then upcoming heart
bypass surgery.

Second I would like to let everyone know how it went.

When I talked to my surgeon the day prior to the surgery he said that the
maintenence of my blood glucose during surgery was the responsibility of
the anesthesiologist and for that I would have to talk to him just prior to
the surgery at 5:45 AM the next morning.  As far as after the surgery he
would see to it that I would have my pump as soon as I was comfortable with
resumming control.

The next morning I asked the anesthesiologist about the pump during the
surgery and he asked for a 24 basal profile which I gave him and he said
leave it on.

I woke up about 3:00 PM and at that time didn't even give the pump a
thought (too many other things to think about).  The next morning they
moved me from ICU to a regular room and shortly after the surgeon came in
and looked me over and asked if I was ready for my pump back.  I told him
that I had not missed it but was more than ready to take it back.  He said
it had been removed after the surgery because my bg had gone high and no
one new how to run it.  My wife was advised before it was removed.

My wife showed up for a visit shortly thereafter with my pump and all
necessary supplies.  I inserted a new set and was back in control including
testing when I wanted and taking as much insulin as I wanted.

Again, thanks to those who responded and I hope this info will be helpful
to someone else in the future.

Tnx, Corky
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