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Re: [IP] Any teachers out there?


I'm not a teacher, but I do volunteer work in my grandchildren's classrooms. 
I've been in kindergarten and first grade and I suppose this year I'll be in 
kindergarten *and* second grade. :-\

The children are *fascinated* by Elvis and by the fact that I stick my 
finger, put blood on a little machine and *numbers* come up! In fact, they 
come up and ask me if I'll stick my finger for them. (Do I know how to 
impress the little boys or what!? LOL) They all knew about diabetes because I 
told them at first simply (as they asked), "my body gets too much sugar in it 
and I take this medicine to take the extra sugar away." Later, when they 
learned about the body, the teacher asked me to tell them what can happen 
sometimes when your body doesn't work right. (For which I employed Beanie 
Babies, giant cardboard keys and tins of candy fruit and lady bugs.) That was 
in kindergarten and they still remembered in first grade. 

As far as recognizing symptoms of hypoglycemia, young children are like any 
others: Some do and some don't. My grandson (the second-grader) recognizes 
when my sugar is low and will tell me to "take a sugar pill." My 
granddaughter could care less. LOL

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