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Re: [IP] mini-med's H2O proof case


MiniMed will stand behind the "SportsGuard" case for one
year.  If it leaks and ruins your pump during that time,
then they will replace the pump, too.


--- "todd e. meurer" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I'm sure this has come up before, but I only check this
> mail list about once
> a month.  Sorry if this is redundant.  I have trouble
> with my mini-med water
> proof case.  I am active in lots of water sports and do
> not like to
> disconnect if I don't really have to.  I have the
> mini-med case and have had
> pretty good luck with it.  However, on several recent
> occasions the case has
> been leaking.  I have checked the obvious.... no cracks
> in the box or the
> rubber cover.  I always make sure the cover is on very
> tight.  I do not
> store the case with the cover attached so as not to
> compress the rubber.
> The odd thing is it does not leak every time...only very
> occasionally.
> Have others had similar problems?  Does mini-med stand
> behind this product
> and will they replace it?  Will they replace the pump if
> it is damaged while
> in the case? (so far the pump has done a pretty good job
> of withstanding a
> good soaking)  Is there another product out there that
> does a better job?
> Please don't suggest I get a Disetronics, that is water
> over the dam, so to
> speak.
> Thanks for and help you can give.
> Todd Meurer

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