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Re: [IP] carb counting failure

Hello all --

Ditto to all statements MJ made about  weighing and measuring food.  Buying
a digital scale has been the best investment we have made in a long while.
We weigh everything at home and find we do much better with carb counting
that way.  It was bothersome at first but now it is just a way of life for
us and in the long run we spend less time weighing than we did chasing
high/low blood sugars.   I don't know how we did without it before. . .

Sherri Lynn

<< My daughters bad numbers seem to be mostly my bad carb counting, try as
>I do.  There are so many foods I have to guess at: suchi, restaurants,
>parties, bakeries, snacks at a friends.  Why can't I do what so many of you
>are able to do? >>    <snip>

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