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[IP] mini-med's H2O proof case

I'm sure this has come up before, but I only check this mail list about once
a month.  Sorry if this is redundant.  I have trouble with my mini-med water
proof case.  I am active in lots of water sports and do not like to
disconnect if I don't really have to.  I have the mini-med case and have had
pretty good luck with it.  However, on several recent occasions the case has
been leaking.  I have checked the obvious.... no cracks in the box or the
rubber cover.  I always make sure the cover is on very tight.  I do not
store the case with the cover attached so as not to compress the rubber.
The odd thing is it does not leak every time...only very occasionally.

Have others had similar problems?  Does mini-med stand behind this product
and will they replace it?  Will they replace the pump if it is damaged while
in the case? (so far the pump has done a pretty good job of withstanding a
good soaking)  Is there another product out there that does a better job?
Please don't suggest I get a Disetronics, that is water over the dam, so to

Thanks for and help you can give.

Todd Meurer

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