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[IP] diabetic/PWD and different perspectives (was John Walsh)

From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Re: John Walsh (long)

Jill seems to have a problem with my philosophy of not viewing my son as
diabetic (a word, a label, I CHOOSE not to use. I prefer instead to see
son as a person who loves to read, has many creative ideas, video game
afficianado.....and he has diabetes.  I don't like to sum him up as "a

Boy, this issue just never loses steam!  I was having these discussions
with diabetic friends/friends with diabetes years ago!  I respect
anyone's right to define him/herself and to use whatever words are
comfortable.  I know the semantics of it are very important and heated
to some people.  Personally, I have no preference.  However you say it,
you are still a person, and you still have diabetes.  I use the term
diabetic, both as a noun and an adjective, to describe myself.  BUT make
no mistake; it in no way "sums up" who I am.  It's just one aspect of
myself.  After all, I'm also female, married, educated, funny (some may
disagree. . .), bossy, resourceful, American, and many other things.  I
don't expect people to refer to me as a "person with female gender" or a
"person from America".  I also don't expect anyone to think that any of
those attributes DEFINES me.  If someone thinks that, he/she is
obviously a moron.  My point is just that some people have strong
preferences about the semantics, but no one should get all bent out of
shape if someone refers to them the "wrong" way.

One other thought on this. . . is there maybe some difference of thought
btwn. people with D and parents of people with D?  Obviously it won't be
an even split, but I wonder if that's part of it.  I think I'd tend to
be more protective of my child, making an effort not to define him/her
as a diabetic but as a full-fledged, multifaceted person.  But hey, as a
diabetic, it is what I deal with every day.  It sucks.  And I'll take
the label for my troubles, thank you very much.  I do use it with a sort
of pride, because it means that I live with a very real, constant, and
potentially lethal condition every day of my life.  OK. . . maybe I do
have more of a preference than I thought. . . heh heh

A note on the series of posts you shared: They sound pretty mean to me.
I don't expect the parent of a diabetic (or whatever you want to call
us) to understand what it is like to have D.  And I don't expect someone
newly diagnosed to understand D the same way as someone who has lived
with it for years.  But discounting those viewpoints is unnecessary,
narrow-minded, and mean-spirited.  If you are looking for a list that
only represents "oldtimers" who have personally lived w/D for 20+ years,
you need to form another list.  I personally want all those voices
represented here.  I have learned a lot from those that are most
different from my own.  Boy would it be dull here w/o the variety!

proudly diabetic for 13+ years, happily pumping w/the MM506 for almost
4, DCCT/EDIC participant, and sure to get some interesting responses to
this post (If you have to be mean, don't send it.  I'm not interested.)

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