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Re: [IP] school--lancets &504 plans

email @ redacted wrote:

>   I think a high school with 2000+ students is challenging enough to a kid.
> She shouldn't have to miss out on classtime because she has to go wait for
> her turn at the nurses office. Thank you....Doreen-mom of 2 pumpers

Absolutely!!!! She can't test without the lancet, and if she can't test,
her medical needs are not being met. 

I teach high school, and it's FAR more disruptive to both the class and
the student for him or her to have to leave class to go take care of a
medical need.  If she were in my class, I would have a place for her to
test whenever she needed to -- and I would just go on with my lesson --
she could listen to the lesson while she tested. 

Only proviso, from my viewpoint as a teacher, would be that she test in
the back of the room, so that it wouldn't distract other kids -- protect
the squeamish from the sight of blood, etc. (My desk is in the back of
the room, and that's where I test if necessary). It would also be
helpful for her to be upfront about her needs -- the other kids are
going to want to know why she's allowed to get up and go to the back of
the room, or why she's allowed to swig a Coke or eat candy in class when
they aren't.  

I haven't needed to test or treat lows in class very often,  but I
always let the kids know in advance what I do and why -- they are
usually very interested at first, and after a while, just take it as
part of the routine. Again, I'm careful to protect the squeamish. 

And the times I HAVE had lows, if I'm feeling goofy because of it,
they've been very understanding about it, and waited patiently for me to
come out of it. 

No reason why your daughter shouldn't have the same respect!

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