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Re: [IP] Re: John Walsh (long)

In a message dated 8/26/99 1:34:58 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I am not saying that eating a candy bar once in a great while 
 is a bad idea, especially if one is low, but to do it on the way to work and 
 then on the way home EVERYDAY is not appropriate,  especially for a 
diabetic.  >>

In my opinion one of the best benefits about the pump was the freedom that I 
have with sugar.  I mean after 17 1/2 yrs I can put sugar on my oatmeal or in 
my coffee.  I do this occasionally because I don't use artificial sweeteners. 
 With the risk of cancer and whatever I choose to avoid them.  I often get 
ice tea over soda and don't sweeten it.  But since the pump and achieving an 
A1C of 5.2 (non diabetic 4.0-6.0), I feel the right to indulge.  Pancake 
syrup, sugar and candy bars are now something that I can just fit in to my 
meal plan.  I choose not to have them everyday but I guess if I had such 
cravings maybe I would.  But I don't think my way is right for everyone and I 
think if someone with diabetes wants to have sugar or artificial sweetners 
that has to be there choice.

As for being an individual that unfortunately acquired diabetes, I am so much 
more.  Wife, mother, volunteer, social worker, secretary, cook, treasurer, 
you name it.  When I talk to someone about myself and mention my illness, I 
am just a person with diabetes.  I don't think I have ever said to anyone I 
am a diabetic, no I think I am Kathleen and I have diabetes.  I agree it 
isn't my only attribute that I want to be known for.

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