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Re: [IP] school--lancets &504 plans

>  to the 
>  principal about a 504 plan . we will be having a meeting the week
>  school starts. I also brought up the fact that Jessica is 14 ,has
>  had diabetes for 12 years and should be allowed to carry her own
>  testing supplies. He said if we want , she can carry her own meter
He does not have a choice. Put it in the 504. The bottom line is that 
they must accomodate her needs. She needs to test. Involve the state 
board of education if necessary. Contact them before the meeting if 
possible and have them send a representative. Threaten legal action 
base on their refusal to provide a 504.

>  him they are considered to be weapons by all school districts ! Now
>  I know that somewhere on this vast list of people there are
>  teenagers carrying 
Lily has carried her lancets, syringes, etc.... in her PACK all 
throught middle school and high school. My twins (age 9) have a girl 
friend in their class kindergarden thru 4th grade (this year) who 
recently started pumping.... finally,  that has carried her syringes, 
lancets, taken injections, etc.... This principal if full of it.

Lily is a Junior at Gunn High School in Palo Alto, California. Your 
principal should know the high school as it was top ranked #1 in the 
nation last year and has been in the top 5 consistently over the last 
several years. Principals know that sort of thing. The district 
accomodates all students with diabetes and I believe there are about 
25 - 30 campuses including 2 high schools, 2 middle schools and a 
flock of k-6's

The 4 high/middle campuses have enrollments somewhere between 1200 to 
1600 kids each as I recall

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