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[IP] re: insurance denial

In addition to the masterful letter my endo. wrote regarding denying because 
of age or already being in excellent control (I posted it last week) I also 
graphically described one of my daughter's insulin reactions to the appeals 
board.  I got their fax number and faxed them once or twice a day.  I got all 
3 of her doctors to write directly to the appeals board.  I got my employer 
to write, expressing concern that the coverage they purchased for their 
employees and their families was not happening.  My employer sent registered 
letters to local, county and state politicians with CC: to the appeals board. 
 I downloaded profiles of children, young ones, pumping and faxed them.  I 
downloaded stats on children pumping.  I hit them continually.  They I 
threatened  to hold them responsible should my dau. go low and seizure.  I 
also noted that she was on 6 injections a day, and that in Calif. there are 
no school nurses on site to give them.  I just kept hitting the appeals board 
continuously.  I had 4 doctors recommend the pump.  How could they argue?  I 
know the hell you are going through.  But we won and you will too!  Holly
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