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[IP] Sweets and diabetic children

Hi, Ellen,

Personally, I'm rather inclined to go along with YOU. Your son is a kid
who happens to have diabetes, and yes, it does put him at risk of some
problems later on, but guess what -- EVERYONE is at risk of problems in
their lives, not just DMers.  

If his bloodwork is good, and if he's comfortable, and if sweets aren't
a forbidden fruit to him, then he won't think a Snickers bar is the end
of the world.

When I was a child, I wasn't allowed to have sweets (not because of DM,
but because my father was a dentist and my mother a nurse -- they wanted
us well nourished without cavities in our teeth!) -- and sweets became a
magnet to me and my brother and sister. 

I remember, as a teenager, sneaking out to buy candy bars -- they were 5
cents each at the time, so a dollar bought TWENTY of them -- and then
sneaking them back into the house and consuming all 20 of them at one

As an adult, it took years before I finally came to terms with my
craving for sweets, and guilt for consuming them -- I finally told
myself I could have as much as I wanted, and as often as I wanted, and I
did exactly that -- for one period of several weeks, I literally ate
nothing but ice cream. 

I emerged from this period fatter, but having lost the craving for
sweets -- nowadays I can take them or leave them.  (And I've lost the
weight, too!)  :)

I raised my son without any limitations on food -- any sort of food --
and he's a MUCH healthier eater than I was at his age. Or even than I am

While it's definitely harder with a diabetic child, nevertheless, there
is no such thing as a "bad" food, and all foods can be worked into the
child's meal plan -- better to let the kid be a kid, first, and learn
how to cover snacks with appropriate amounts of insulin. The kid has
enough on his hands already, without putting unnecessary and punitive
restrictions on him!

Good luck! 
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