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[IP] diabetes vs. diabetics, parents and kids

 I probably shouldn't say anything, but I do NOT like to be called a
diabetic either. My friends point out to me that other people have
terms like hypochondriac, anroxeic, hemophiliac, etc etc, but I am with
Ellen on this one. There is so much more to me than diabetes and I
would hate to be judged by my diabetes.
 Just a general note..everyone has different perspectives,I know a
parent near me with 2 children with diabetes who thinks she is worse
off than them, and she's told me this a few times. Also, she doesn't
deal with it too well and just accepts what she's told and is upset
about 3 shots a day b/c it doesn't "fit her schedule".  I personally am
not sure that she is right, I know my parents worry and care and make
it obvious, but when they die, who's worse off? will my diabetes be
gone, will complications (knocking on wood I don't develop them)
disappear? No, it's different ways of treating them. I know it's rough
on them and growing up with it definitely had a huge toll on my mom,
but THEN it was her responsiblity, and as I hit puberty much of it
became mine, I think time is the difference. And one thing I don't like
is when others judge others on their diabetes care, particulary when
they have a relative with diabetes, but do not live with it daily
themselves. I have been called irresponsible on this list, but how can
someone say that when you don't know me, and you have not lived a day
of your life with this disease first hand? I'm sorry, I just had to get
this off my chest. I realize it would be hell being a parent of a
diabetic, I couldn't imagine my nephew with it and I would rather have
it myself, but I will never be in this situation b/c I already have it,
god forbid my kids get it too, but I know it's a possibility and I hope
MY experience would be a help in it all.
 Don't misunderstand me
 (yes, I am PMSing!)

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