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> Ok here is the whole letter I can see they take lots of time typing
> this up. It is a form letter with the denial explanation of
> Guidelines were not met for the reimbursement of an insulin pump. 
> Benefits are not available for the insulin pump to members under the
> age of 12.  
I guess the first question to ask is where in the policy does it 
state in writing that treatment for diabetes is denied to everyone 
who is under 12 years old. Never mind what kind of treatment.

Having been through this for over 18 months with my daughter's pump, 
I know it is not fun, but do take some vicarious pleasure in raking 
them over the coals. We ordered the pump and had it delivered then 
refused to pay any of the bills until the insurance company finally 
ponied up. Not only did they have me constantly hassling them, they 
also had the supplier hassling them. The pump did not come directly 
from MiniMed, they won't ship without prior authorization.

> Also, the chart notes indicate that Taylor's diabetes is
> under control.  Now I will begin the fight. Holly
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