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Re:[IP] Disetronic Glass Cartridges

>Mary, Kelly's Mom,
in her message dated
>Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 10:42:10 -0700
>anybody ... use the Disetronic glass cartridges? ... they don't have any 
>markings, makes mixing sort of a guessing game.
No, I don't mix NOW, but yes I am and have been using
Disetronic pumps so long a time that I remember back
to when "glass" was THE cartridge. (before the molded
plastic ink-marked cartridge became available)
There was a transparent plastic "filling-aid" device
put out by Disetronic, which you put the empty
cartridge into and screwed the grey adapter over to
hold it in. It had a slot with calibrations about
every 50 units I believe. ( I'd have to look for it
at home to be sure)  It was then-provided with the
intent of half-filling cartridges to the 150-units mark.

This was different from the one now distributed, which
has a "clip" to hold the neck of the insulin vial onto
the filling-needle. I don't even know if this "new"
unit has any calibrations. Just call your rep or
Disetronic in Minneapolis to ask!

Possibly better than either, might be your considering
abandoning the "mix in the syringe" method for doing
your mixing in a vial, either provided to you empty by
your pharmacy "special order and all that jazz ha ha...",
or after you've emptied an insulin-vial, label one with
colored plastic indelibly that it IS
NOT THE MFR's labeled content, but your mix-proportion.
Now do the mixing into that vial using 100-unit 1cc
conventional syringes ( 10 of these might cost $2 )
Then draw from that vial when filling (or half filling)
your "usage" cartridges.
Of course you should re-new the designation of the
"mixing" vial to a newer vial fairly often too.

Reminds me of how I once-upon-a-time mixed ( or had it
mixed for me by parents...) 20 to 40+ years ago my
R&NPH mixtures, a different proportion for each of the
(then) 2 shots a day. Before I switched to mixing
in-syringe , before doing separate NPH and R at
multiple times in day, before PUMPING!

David C. Winegarden
Fremont, CA

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