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Re: [IP] Air bubbles in Resv.

I used to work in an IV pharmacy ... making all sorts of IV meds. I remember 
we used to have to fill these reservoirs and then prime the tubing for 
different meds and pleaseeeee no bubbles. Ugh, let me tell you, after working 
for a few years debubbling things, you get to be a pro. 

One sure fire way to get rid of those nasty little bubbles as you are filling 
the syringe is ... hold on to your hats ... inject more air into the syringe  
making a bigger air bubble. Then, you gently swirl that big bubble all around 
to engulf all the little bubbles.  When you are back to just that one big 
bubble, you get it back up to the top, and push it out. It really does work.

Good luck,
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