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[IP] RE: tubing knot thing

>>we use the softsets.  the knot is between the site and
where one disconnects...under the tape.  so you can still disconnect outside
of the taped area.

I guess you couldn't do this with sils?  because the knot would interfere
with disconnection.

someone out there who has sils and does the knot...speak up!

* (Ruth was responding to: > Yeh, but then how do you use the bathroom?
Disconnect every time?)

OK, I'll bite. I use the Sils (Tenders) and make a safety loop. I tape it
down with regular cloth tape. If I need to disconnect I just pull it off,
the loop sticks to the tape still. When I reconnect, it just press it back
on the skin.It's still sticky enough (in fact, the gum off this tape is
about as stubborn as the stuff on the sil stickum when you've got to clean
it off your skin.)

Ahem ... To the person who does this: Why do you disconnect to use the
toilet? I can't quite picture why that would be necessary.

Anika, the tactless

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