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Re: [IP] complications

Can anyone tell me what her
> chances of complications are??? Are they going to be higher than
> average (genes)? Any studies? 
There are always studies. See the SEARCH page of the web site and 
click on the OTHER SEARCH ENGINES link

Search MEDLINE for studies -- you will have to struggle with the key 
words, but once you get close, there are "similiar" page links that 
will bring up related studies.

> What, as a parent, can I do to keep
> complications from happening? I know to keep her bgs in her target
> range, what else?  
Just remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 
Get regular check ups, annually screen for the most obvious problems 
like changes in eyes, kidney function, etc....

> Will being on the pump help?

In the sense that control is easier to achieve on a pump, it will 
help a bunch. The data we collect as well as studies done indicate an 
average improvement in hba1c of 1%-2% point (out of 8 avg). This 
corresponds to a large decrease in incidence of complications based 
on the DCCT study. In addition, recent studies show that there is a 
1% decrease in hba1c due to the use of HUMALOG. This was done in 
non-pumping individuals, so there may not be as large a drop in this 
population, but every little bit helps.

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