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[IP] KAISER - denial of service

> In the meantime the CDE at Kaiser Permanente told me that the pump
> supplies I reordered would not be filled because I have not seen an
> endocrinologist every three months.  Apparently, they now have a new
> policy that if you don't see and endo every three months you can't
> take part in pumping.  ( I like the fact that my endo  told me to
> come back 6-9mos, because I have had diabetes for 37 years with
> virtually no problems and since I work in the medical field I would
> no if one developed and contact him).  

Don't let them get away with this. It matters not what the supplies 
are. It could be insulin, sets, whatever. The doctor prescribed the 
pump, the contract says they are obligated to provide the medical 
care. It is a fight, but you will win. They have no right to deny you 
treatment because of some stupid arbitrary policy.

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