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Re: [IP] carb counting failure

<< My daughters bad numbers seem to be mostly my bad carb counting, try as
I do. 
 There are so many foods I have to guess at: suchi, restaurants, birthday 
parties, bakeries, snacks at a friends.  Why can't I do what so many of you 
are able to do? >>

As you are learning to count carbs, you can increase your chances for
success by avoiding some of these troublesome areas.  While I would NEVER
advocate telling a child they can't have the birthday cake at a party, it
might be possible to avoid bakeries and sushi for awhile.  

In the luxury of your own home, you can learn to estimate carbs for these
special occasions by carefully weighing and measuring.  You'll need to
become calibrated on how much a half cup of rice really is, for instance,
and what it looks like when spread across a plate at a restaurant.  

I've been pumping and carb-counting for over 2 1/2 years, and I still weigh
and measure everything at home.  One of the biggest areas for error is
pre-packaged bread items.  For instance, the english muffin that I ate for
breakfast this morning had 25 grams of CHO according to the package.
However, when I weighed it and figured out the carbs (bread has 13 grams of
CHO per ounce), the carb count came in at 31 grams.  This 6 gram difference
would be enough to upset my bg's, and give me a high reading later.
Perhaps you have a similar situation with your daughter.

If you don't already have one, I recommend getting a good scale that
measures in both grams and ounces.  There are some available online, and
some IP members have reported getting good scales for around $35 from
Weight Watchers.  This is an investment you won't regret.  Being able to
accurately measure your food can make a world of difference.

Best wishes,
Mary Jean

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