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[IP] complications

I was following the discussion about a month age about complications; I have
been debating over the past two weeks whether or not to bring this up again
and have decided I would. Some said it's in the genes and no matter how well
you take care of your self you will still get them. This is my situation, my
mother was a type 2 dxed when she was about 40, and she had many
complications from diabetes. She died 6 years ago, from complications of
diabetes. She was 60. My sister was dxed when she was 22, 18 years ago with
type 1; she also has complications from diabetes. My daughter was dxed 3
years ago and I was devastated. Like any parent, I wish it had been me
instead. I also knew what diabetes has done to my family members.  As you
can tell, we have a family history of complications. I wonder what is in
store for my daughter. These are thoughts I have and they come late at night
or in the early in the morning when the children are in bed and I can't
sleep. Can anyone tell me what her chances of complications are??? Are they
going to be higher than average (genes)? Any studies? What, as a parent, can
I do to keep complications from happening? I know to keep her bgs in her
target range, what else?  Will being on the pump help?

Deborah mom to Eve 12
DXed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99

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