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John Walsh (was [IP] MiniMed v. Disatronics and @#%^&( Kaise

Jill wrote: " the one  I did know that was (John Walsh)  told me every day he 
rode his 
bike to work at Kaiser in San Diego and stopped on the way and ate a 
snickers and drank a reg. coke to and from work.  And this guy gave out 
advice to diabetics?"

The fact is, John Walsh does know his stuff!  His book Pumping Insulin has 
been enormously helpful to thousands and thousands of people.  He was able to 
drink the soda and eat the candy and was exercising and not 
crashing.....proof positive that you can do it all on the pump if you work 
out the carb:insulin ratios and the balance of food intake/exercise/and 

One ped endo in south Florida when asked how a kid could make it through a 
football game was high before the game - told the parents to give him insulin 
and a snickers bar.  Parents said it worked great.

Should we start a thread on Snickers where the cotton candy thread left off?  
*(that's rhetorical)

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