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Re: [IP] carbs are equal-jane

Gianna -

I don't know your private e-mail address, so I guess this will go to the
whole list (sorry!).
Gianna, the result of my particular choice in food/diet (lack of carbos) is
that lab technicians
and many other people tell me I don't look "like a diabetic".  How you DO
look like a diabetic,
 I am not sure.  But in addition, I have NO complications.  Period.  My last
A1C before going
 on this pump was 4.2 - too low!  But the A1C last week was 7.0!  Too high
for my thinking,
but I'm still getting used to this pump.  As my Doc pointed out, it has gone
down every blood
test (since going on this pump) - mind you, I've only been on this pump for
6 months.  But I
love it for the flexibility!  So far, not improved control, but I know
that's "operator error!"  I''m
still learning!  Diabetes, I think I know, but not pumping!

You go girl!  You have lots of advantages I didn't have when i started - no
no A1Cs, no DCCT (?) trial.  Still I always knew - as YOU know - good
control is everything!
.  So hang in there!  Ever been to Baltimore?  I volunteer at the Baltimore
Aquarium on Friday
nights - come see me!


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