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[IP] MiniMed v. Disatronics and @#%^&( Kaiser

#$%^, #$%^, $%^& !!!  Sorry, I just really have to get a few things off my chest!
After all the posts I have received I have finally decided the next pump I would get would not be a MM.  Kaiser has since told me they will pay for a new MM since I am having trouble with this one.  But they would not buy anything but a MM. 
In the meantime the CDE at Kaiser Permanente told me that the pump supplies I reordered would not be filled because I have not seen an endocrinologist every three months.  Apparently, they now have a new policy that if you don't see and endo every three months you can't take part in pumping.  ( I like the fact that my endo told me to come back 6-9mos, because I have had diabetes for 37 years with virtually no problems and since I work in the medical field I would no if one developed and contact him). 
ARRRGH!  Like I really have the time to take off every few months to see someone just so I can get my pump supplies.  I really HATE all these CDE's who think they know everything.  Hell, most of them aren't even diabetic themselves, and the one I did know that was (John Walsh)  told me every day he rode his bike to work at Kaiser in San Diego and stopped on the way and ate a snickers and drank a reg. coke to and from work.  And this guy gave out advice to diabetics?