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[IP] A1cs; diet/non-diet colas

After reading all the posts about A1cs, just thought I would add my .02 
worth.  Josh had and A1c done at his former endo's office in June-  7.8.  
Then we changed endos and she did another one in July (four weeks later)- 
9.2.  When I asked about the discrepancy, she told me that capillary A1cs, 
like the first one, are not as accurate.  The one she did was a venous 
A1c..... About the problems getting diet sodas... Josh was on a plane from 
Houston and a girl about 8- 10 years old asked the flight attendant for a 
diet coke.  The attendant smiled at her and said, "I don't think you need to 
lose weight, how about a coke?" and proceeded to give her a regular coke.   
It's funny looking back on it, but Josh preferred diet coke before he was 
diagnosed (8 years ago this month) even though no one else in the family 
drank it.   
Cheers, Annette
P.S.  Josh is (finally) going for pre-pump training Sept. 2 and hopefully the 
real thing on Sept. 30.
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